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Feb 2, 2013 10:00pm EST
people you have less money for military and self-defense and not only that the viewer bodies in your pool of military aged men and women is smaller. this is not as much of a concern for sweden but for sweden doesn't matter if you can't support your military. if you are america and you are reasonably considered to be a force for enforcing stability it becomes problematic. >> host: well let me challenge you as little on that. we have pew research don't take positions on these issues but certainly there've many demographers and social scientists out there who say that the kinds of issues of population aging and falling fertility are a kind of the problem you want to have and that governments like the ones in the u.s. where we have resources could solve them and in fact there may be an advantage to having older people who can be persuaded to join the work horse or stay in the workforce longer and maybe wring more women and an train younger workers so they can become more productive. the thinking as well, this is what happens in a modern society. let's. let's live with it. what do you say to t
Feb 3, 2013 9:00pm EST
the hour i guess your defense of why one should have children. >> guest: the only thing worse than having children is not having them and i think that this is true. having children is in many ways a sold crushing endeavor but it's wonderful and that it speaks to a deep and important way the human experience and that the human experience is extending beyond ourselves and so if you believe in anything being bigger than yourself it doesn't have to be what i believe for you believe, but america can be got, secular humanism for all we care what you believe in something bigger than yourself and i think it becomes unavoidable that at some point you say i have to have kids. >> host: thank you, jonathan last. >> that was "after words," booktv signature program in which authors of the latest nonfiction books are interviewed by journalists, public policy makers, legislators and others familiar with their material. "after words" airs every weekend on booktv at 10 p.m. on saturday, 12 p.m. and 9 p.m. on sunday at 12 a.m. on monday. you can also watch "after words" on line. go to and click o
Feb 3, 2013 11:00am EST
shares will tell you this isn't going to end well for you. the problem is our defenses are down when we eat. we know this. and these people can be very appealing. and i'm going to explain why, is there's a whole apparatus that teaches how to be appealing. the art techniques where they are told to write to people. usually people are written to. you sometimes get enough but most of because still dealing with the over 65 that it's mostly still spelled out. and use only a hot button issue, social security, outliving your savings, ill health in old age, protecting your money from your children. that occasionally comes up. and then you are going to scare them. make them afraid this is going to happen. and then things yo just us all. and, of course, you don't want pashtun you don't say what the solve this. and then when you come into the presentation, and i have sat through several of these over time, though i have to say i'm more scared that my presence is changing the presentation slightly because i don't look like a demo yet. i'm not old enough i don't look like an over 65. i look like some
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3